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For Companies – LittleBigHelp

For Companies

Become a Business - or CSR Partner

Together we can reach further. As a company, there are several ways in which you can support LittleBigHelp.
The benefits are endless, you can increase your PR and image and benefit from TAX deductions.

Corporate Partner

Become a Corporate Partner from DKK 30,000

Company Membership

Become a Company Member for DKK 15,000

Give a Donation

All donations make a difference

Our Corporate Partners

Thank you to all the corporations that support the work of LittleBigHelp – here you can read about why they support us:

dbramante1928 supports LittleBigHelp because we want to make a difference where we work. We have with our own eyes seen the extreme poverty and the many thousands of street children living in Kolkata, and once you have seen this you have to do something, give something back. For us it means even more supporting LittleBigHelp as we produce our Products in Kolkata and even though we do everything possible to give great facilities & rights to our workforce, we simply want to give something back to society and make a difference, especially for the children.

In LBH we found people who really care and are truly wonderful people who work endlessly to give as many children as they can a better life through education, protection and supporting communities in the slum areas.

We are proud to support them and have the deepest respect for their work.

Yours sincerely,
Dennis Dress


The Kavli Trust
The Kavli Trust is proud to collaborate with LittleBigHelp in their mission to make life better for disadvantaged children and women in Kolkata, India. We are very impressed by Lisbeth Johansen and the rest of the LittleBigHelp Team. In their work they are passionate, committed, professional, caring and above all an inspiration to us. Working by the motto: ‘Nobody can help all, but everybody can help some’, they certainly make a huge difference in the life of many children and adults who live in poverty and rough conditions.

In the spirit of Knut Kavli, the Kavli Trust donates the majority of the company’s profit to charitable organizations across our three focus areas: research, culture and humanitarian projects. For us it is especially important to support humanitarian projects that help the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. Through their Girls’ Home and vocational training projects for women, LittleBigHelp is changing the lives for many vulnerable children and women in Kolkata. We are proud supporters of these projects.

We truly admire their efforts to make a change in Kolkata and hope to have a long collaboration with the LittleBigHelp Team!

Inger Elise Iversen
General Manager for the Kavli Trust


Copenhagen Marriott Hotel
It is impressive to see what Lisbeth Johansen has managed to do since she started LittleBigHelp. She is an enthusiast who creates real differences for the children and women in India. With the annual Charity Event at Copenhagen Marriott Hotel we can make a huge difference and contribute to new possibilities and a brighter future for vulnerable children and women. We are therefore proud that we now get to work together with Lisbeth Johansen and LittleBigHelp.

Allan Agerholm
Chief Hospitality Officer, BC Hospitality Group


Skarrildhus Sinatur Hotel & Konference
For Skarrildhus and Sinatur, it means a lot to support and help where we can see that it makes a difference. It is in line with Sinatur’s Society Ambition to take responsibility for people and nature. LittleBigHelp and Founder Lisbeth Johansen make a huge difference for children who deserve a better and safe upbringing. We have the utmost respect for the work and the many efforts put into it. It is with great joy and humility that we support LittleBigHelp.

Kirsten Secher Villumsen
Director, Skarrildhus Sinatur Hotel


ØENS Rådgivningshus
We are proud to be a Corporate Partner with LittleBigHelp and support their development work in India for vulnerable children and families. LittleBigHelp’s projects empower out-of-school children from the slums to get back to or start in school and they provide marginalised women a vocational education. What we admire about LittleBigHelp’s projects is that, it is not only the individual who benefits, but it is the whole community that flourishes and sets the direction for generations to come. In Øens Rådgivningshus we are happy to contribute to a long-lasting and sustainable development for some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Kenneth Gudmundsson
Stifter og indehaver, ØENS Rådgivningshus


We are very happy to help where LittleBigHelp makes a difference. We have through the past years worked together with LBH, and the professionalism they work with and the spirit they have made it easy for us to help them, so they can keep on doing they’re good work in the Kolkata Region in India

Hüseyin Özkan
CEO, YourTicket


MentorDanmark supports LittleBigHelp because we believe that every child has the right to a safe childhood and access to education – And this is exactly what LittleBigHelp works to secure every single day for vulnerable children in India. The spirit of the organization to turn a little help into something big for those in need is inspiring and falls right into our values and beliefs. Every child deserves the best possible circumstances to grow up smart and become their best version of themselves through love, care and education. We are so proud to be a part of the important, dedicated and honest work that the team of LittleBigHelp perform both in India and in Denmark.

Ejendomsselskabet X

Ejendomsselskabet X

LittleBigHelp makes a huge difference at all their projects and it is a great pleasure to support their work. It is important for us to follow the development closely and we are very satisfied with the regularly reports we receive.

Kaj Jensen
CEO, Ejendomsselskabet X


The effort and sacrifices Lisbeth Johansen, has made for LittleBigHelp to become a reality is admirable and very inspiring. After seeing the projects with my own eyes, meeting all the children and experiencing first hand, the outstanding work the whole team from LittleBigHelp is doing every single day, makes me very humble and grateful for being able to support LittleBigHelp. I’ve visited the projects in India several times, and I will continue to do so to follow their development. Many ask me if it was hard to witness all the hardship and poverty, but my experience is the opposite. It was so life rewarding to see the transformation that children and women experience when they receive help from LittleBigHelp. It’s very clear to me how much even a small donation can change lives for so many people and how much it means in the bigger picture around the world. Let’s keep up the good work and love for all the children and women and continue to support all we can in the future.

Kevin Pihl-Nilesen
Owner/Director, T-Shirttrykkeren


DMax Overseas
DMax is proud to support the work of LittleBigHelp, Lisbeth Johansen and the team. As a local business owner in Kolkata, it is important for DMax to help the society we work in and are a part of. It is of most importance for us that our partner has transparency and we can specifically follow the contribution and the difference it makes. And through the years that we have been a partner for LittleBigHelp, it is remarkable to visit the projects and see the huge difference LittleBigHelp create on a daily basis.

Dipu Doshi
CEO, DMax Overseas, Kolkata, India

Visuel IT
In Visuel IT, we believe in helping the weakest in our global community. Therefore, we choose to support LittleBigHelp who are doing amazing work with street children in Kolkata.
I spent my first year and half in a children’s home in Mumbai, and therefore have a very personal sense of the importance of the great work provided by LittleBigHelp and like-minded organisations.
It is essential that we provide opportunity to those less fortunate – especially the children.

Yours sincerely
Kim Vasant Nielsen
Partner and co-founder


Lind Invest
Lind Invest supports LittleBigHelp because the efforts of the organisation benefit both the presence as well as future of the individual child. The organisation has developed specific plans for how it can be escalated as well as how it is ensured that as many street children as possible receive the absolute and necessary help.

Moreover, LittleBigHelp is operated with a central focus on transparency to enable sponsors to see what their specific contributions go to.
A close cooperation has made it possible for Lind Invest to gain a thorough knowledge of the work done in each of the varied projects. This knowledge especially concerns how Lind Invest’s support, which is targeted to the operation and start of Boys’ Home in Kolkata, is converted into developmental social work for the children attached to the project.

Henrik Lind
CEO, Lind Invest


Sandager Advokater
For a company like ours, it is important for our external relationships as well as our internal, not least for our employees, to give our contribution to those who are most disadvantaged. For us, it is also an obligation that naturally arises out of gratitude for one’s own luck. We have over the years been looking for a partner we could rely on and where we knew that the money would go to the right recipients, not to a large administration, where there is transparency and not least that we very specifically can follow the contribution and see that it makes a difference. When we “discovered” Lisbeth Johansen and LittleBigHelp the choice was easy. We are very happy with the cooperation and for the huge difference LittleBigHelp creates with the small contribution we provide.

Lars Sandager
Partner, Sandager Advokater


Pajo Bolte
At Pajo Bolte we are proud to support LittleBigHelp. We have visited the projects several times and seen what a big difference Lisbeth and her hard working team in India do for both children and women. With our contribution we can be part of ensuring a brighter future for extremely vulnerable women and children in Kolkata.

Poul Anker Johansen
Director, Pajo Bolte


To us, it makes perfect sense that this particular chair, which was created for the UN, also plays a role in a CSR context. LittleBigHelp is a great example that even a small organisation can have a big impact on these women and children’s lives. It is an initiative that really does make a difference.

Hans Henrik Sørensen
Director, Onecollection


Calldorado is proud to support LittleBigHelp’s massive and inspiring effort in India. By aiding vulnerable children, women and their families locally in India, LittleBigHelp makes a significant long-term difference to these peoples’ lives.

India is a very important place for us, not only business-wise but personally, as we have both business partners and employees native to the country. Therefore it’s important that we give something back by supporting the valuable work that LittleBigHelp do to help the vulnerable people from this region.

Mathias Schrøder
Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Calldorado


Mymind design and advertising agency is proud to help LittleBigHelp. In Mymind it is our opinion that all children hold a right to have a safe and good childhood no matter age, gender and nationality. That is exactly why we have chosen to help LittleBigHelp with among other things graphical tasks.

We are deeply impressed by the extraordinary work and the impressive results that LittleBigHelp achieves for the children in India. And they have our full respect and support in all their projects. We have followed LittleBigHelp from the beginning and look forward to continue lending a helping hand where we can.

Heidi Holm-Pedersen
Creative CEO/Owner, Mymind


Leonard da Vince once said: “people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them, they go out and happen to things” Lisbeth and the team in LittleBigHelp are doing exactly that; involving themselves directly and are making a focused and personal difference for street children in India. At QVARTZ we also believe in direct personal involvement and concrete results and therefore we support LittleBigHelp.

Torsten Hvidt
Founder, Partner & Management Cousultant, Qvartz

Nine United
We are grateful to the Nine United Foundation for supporting our Community Centres in the slums. With their support LittleBigHelp can work to promote education through school preparation courses for children and create awareness about rights in the local slum communities.


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