How we work

All corporate and private individual donations are used to support and develop our projects. Depending on the level of funds we receive, we increasingly initiate new projects. On-site visits and control of the projects ensure their quality, continuity and improvements and correct allocation of funds to the projects.

To achieve better results, we provide training and assistance to our employees, while we in return acquire invaluable knowledge about local conditions and challenges.
Applying a rights-based approach to our work we focus on the most vulnerable children in the local communities and the children working on the train platforms. These children have no access to basic human rights and live under extremely challenging conditions. We work to secure some of their rights such as education, protection and nutrition.
To help develop the potential of every child, participation and support is key in our work. It is essential to try involve all the children we come across. By giving them an education and teaching them about their rights we enable them to change their future and increase their chances of a life off the street.

Recognizing the importance of the support and involvement of the local communities, we do awareness camps at our school on various topics where parents of the children are taught life-skills and are explained the importance of sending their children to school. It is essential for LittleBigHelp’s work that we enjoy their support.

Through the international network for street children, Consortium for Street Children, we work to secure the rights and improve the lives of street children at the local and international level. We also work with other NGOs and partners to give the children a voice in society and to collaborate in areas where we can accomplish more together.