Project – Shalimar School

LittleBigHelp runs a School in Shalimar slum community where 100 children on a daily basis receive education, learn about their basic rights and enjoy a hot meal for lunch. We also work with the local community, mainly the parents of the children, since it is crucial to our work that they understand and support our efforts to educate their children.

Shalimar School was opened in 2010, in the slum area of Shalimar, Howrah. Illiteracy in the local community is widespread and the opportunity for children to attend school and study for an education is very rare.
The children of Shalimar come from impoverished families where the girls are encouraged to marry at a very early age and the boys are sent to work. The majority of these children never learn to read, write, or do simple arithmetic.

All 100 boys and girls from the Shalimar School are provided with lunch every day from our school kitchen where local women prepare the food. We also work with the local community and the children’s parents, educating them and informing them about the importance of sending their children to school every day instead of making them work.

Through awareness campaigns and community development activities we ensure the participation of the local community, which is important to ensure a long term and sustainable development of the local community and thereby the future of the children.