Sponsor a LittleBigHelp Home

You can change the future for vulnerable children
As a sponsor for a LittleBigHelp Home, you have the possibility of supporting a specific Home for vulnerable children in Kolkata, India.
At our Girls’ Home and Boys’ Home, vulnerable children can start a new life in a safe environment with care, protection, nutrition, and education – a place to call ‘home’. The children start in school and we give them the opportunity to participate in sports, music, drawing, meditation, play and other activities with a purpose of a healthy mental, physical and social development.

Our goal is to ensure the children good future possibilities through having a safe childhood, where they learn to trust other people again and begin believing in themselves. You can support with DKK 175 (approx. 24 euro) per month through regular payments and you get the opportunity to follow life in a LittleBigHelp Home. Remember that for Danish citizens, your donations are tax deductible.

No one can help all, but everyone can help some. And your support will help the children towards a brighter future. Thanks!

As a Sponsor of a LittleBighelp Home:
– You choose whether you want to support LittleBigHelp Boys’ Home or Girls’ Home. There is no bond, and you may at any time unsubscribe as a sponsor.
– You will receive a report from the LittleBigHelp Homes four times a year and a picture of the Home (by email) once a year.
– You will receive Little Big News every month. Through these, you will be able to follow the development at all of LittleBigHelp’s projects.
– You will become a member of LittleBigHelp.
– To save on administration costs, all reports and Little Big News is sent by email.