Where we work

Over the last few years, India has experienced unprecedented economic growth and increasing influence in international political affairs. However, much of the progress and opportunities that this economic boom has created has not trickled down to benefit much of India’s large population.

West Bengal in the Eastern part of India is one of the country’s poorest states with more than 50% of the population being impoverished.
Many of the people living in the State capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, do not have access to basic human rights such as education, clean drinking water, shelter, or food that we in Denmark take for granted. The conditions are even more severe in some of the non-registered slum areas of Kolkata where such rights are non-existent. Children are the most vulnerable group in these areas.

An estimated 12 million children are living on the street in India, whereof an estimated 250.000 children are connected to the street in Kolkata where LittleBigHelp is working. But there has been no official head count of street children in India since hundreds of thousands of them have not even been registered at birth and thus make such head count even more challenging. Help is needed and that is why LittleBigHelp is working in these areas.