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CONTACT – LittleBigHelp


LittleBigHelp Denmark

Our LittleBigHelp office in Denmark is a fundraising agency, with two employees dedicated to fundraising for our projects in India.

Lisbeth Johansen
Email: lj@littlebighelp.com
Phone: +45 2485 5858 (Denmark)
Phone: +91 8697 004601 (India)

Rebekka Madsen
Programme Manager
Email: rm@littlebighelp.com
Phone: +45 6073 5592 (Denmark)

Rikke Schrøder
Fundraising & Event Manager
Email: rs@littlebighelp.com
Phone: +45 2622 9092 (Denmark)

Rachel Ploug Kahlke
Project Assistant
Email: rpk@littlebighelp.com
Phone: +45 2282 0123 (Denmark)

Karina Lind
Ambassador & Sponsor
Email: kl@littlebighelp.com
Phone: +45 2091 0302

LittleBigHelp India

Our LittleBigHelp India Trust office in Kolkata is an implementation agency with 90 employees dedicated to our projects and administration.

Debasish Guha
Programme Director
Email: dg@littlebighelp.com

Sahana Gupta
Project Manager,
Child Protection

Email: india@littlebighelp.com

Arijit Bhatta
Deputy Manager, Counselling
Email: india@littlebighelp.com

Sabitabrata Ghosh
Consultant, MIS
Email: india@littlebighelp.com

Bijoy Ghosh
Project Officer, Protection
Email: india@littlebighelp.com

Kasturi Basuray
Admin Manager
Email: kb@littlebighelp.com

Mercy Barla
Manager, Grants & Skills Development
Email: mrb@littlebighelp.com

Members of the Board Denmark

Lisbeth Johansen
Founder of LittleBigHelp
Email: lj@littlebighelp.com

Kristine Alsly Hansen
Partnership and Resource Mobilisation Advisor, IFRC Psychosocial Centre
Deputy Chairwoman, Strategy and Corporate Partnerships
Email: kah@littlebighelp.com

Anja Hartung Sfyrla
Cheif Operating Officer, Gottlieb & Co.
Strategy and Events
Email: anjahartung@yahoo.com

Kristina G. Mortensen
COO & Co-founder, Substy
Administrative Manager, Events
Email: kg@littlebighelp.com

Anders Gisselmann
Chief Advisor
Fundraising and Network
Email: kontakt@andersgisselmann.dk

Mette S. Bertelsen
Marketing Proposition Manager, Bupa Global Travel
Non-Executive, Events & Finance Assistance
Email: ms_bertelsen@yahoo.co.uk

Karin Jul Pedersen
Head of the Danish Rheumatism Association Rehabilitation Centre – Sano
Non-Executive, Strategy & Administration
Email: karinjulpedersen@gmail.com

If you have any further questions regarding our work, want to support our organisation or have any constructive ideas, please feel free to contact us.