ViSSEVASSE Kolkata poster

The Kolkata fund-raising poster was created as a collaboration between LittleBigHelp and the Danish design and paper studio, ViSSEVASSE, to celebrate LittleBigHelp’s ten-year anniversary, in 2020.

Three children launch little paper boats in front of the iconic Victoria Memorial. The boats symbolize the children’s opportunities and dreams, which they launch with a deepfelt belief that dreams can in fact come true.

When you buy this fund-raising poster, the full amount goes to LittleBigHelp (frame excluded).

Read more about ViSSEVASSE’s support to LittleBigHelp here.

When you click “Buy here” you will be redirected to ViSSEVASSE’s webshop, where you can choose a size, add a frame, and buy the poster.